Thursday, February 11, 2010

1 Up Mushroom & Zim Piggy

This is the companion to the grow big mushroom I made before. It was a birthday present from my friend Andrea to her husband (also my friend) Drew, and it now sits alongside its companion on Drew's desk at work. I find that very fun. I wrote down the pattern to this guy as I was making him. I'm so proud of me for being responsible and making it possible for myself to make these again if anyone (or just me) wishes.

Zim Pig is for my friend James' son Ryan. I made the octopus for James, and Ryan wanted something too, so I decided to make him this. The kid is a big Invader Zim fan and since I wasn't quite ready to take on Gir, I decided on making the pig. It turned out pretty okay. Although, like anything else I make for the first time, I think I would make a few adjustments next time.

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